Marc van Praag




By Eva Maria de Wit 

Looking at his photos your senses come alive; you instantly associate the image before you with a fitting soundtrack. The romantic and mysterious lightness lifts you up and takes you away.

How do you create an image so natural? When writing stories, an author gives weight to every word. Photographer Marc spend hours wandering through interiors: What story lives within these walls? What fantasies come alive when walking these floors? Closing windows, opening doors, matching pattern sandcolors, objects and paintings: this creative and talented man takes his time to make every picture right. Unnecessary distractive elements are carefully removed, yet no important detailis left behind. Background, furnishing, and atmosphere form one fluent motion and allow the photos to seem almost 3D, slowly moving towards you, sucking you in.

There are many different kinds of settings and interiors to discover. Still,no matter which world he display-his handwriting stays the same. The use of light allows the darkest interior to breathe, without losing its magic. The pictures bear a certain timelessness, as if someone just left the room, but not before leaving a trace that invites people to continue their story. He captures the perfect glimpse through which the viewer may dream and wander.